February 20, 2009

Growing little girl!

first trip to the dr. She weighed 8lbs. at her second appointment a week later she weighed 8 lbs 11 oz. she is a growing girl!!!
twenty one and a half inches long. the lady that measured her when she was born was WRONG...

waiting room at the dr. office.
in her swing from her great grandpa and great grandma bitonti

first time she met her uncle david!!! she loved him and i am pretty sure i was inlove with her the minute he saw his beautiful little niece.

Ava is growing more and more everyday! she is such an amazing little girl! We love her so much! Ava and i have been in San Antonio for a week without him and we miss him so much. As much as he misses us. We are ready to see him. While we wish he was here because we are having so much fun! we wish he was here!

Tomorrow the girls at my parents church are throwing a shower for Ava. I am so excited to meet all of these wonderful people! I have never been to a baby shower where the baby was already here! that is fun! she is such a blessed little girl! she is so spoiled and she has no idea there are so many people who would do anything for her!

Well we miss your husband and daddy very much and can't wait to see him tomorrow!

February 16, 2009

Picture update

sleeping on the couch with her daddy!!! he loves these days!!!
she is such a cutie!!!! this is our early morning feeding... i think about 4:00 am

mommy loves giving kisses!!! its too hard not to kiss on her!

We looked down at her and she had found her thumb! so cute! this is the only time she has done that so far!

Dramatic with the bright light!

really does not like bath time!!! she will let you know!

her first plane ride to texas. Well first plane ride ever! she was so good! she slept most of the way and then woke to eat then fell back asleep! everyone was so impressed! as was her mommy and daddy! what a good girl!

sleeping in grandfathers massage chair. i think i need one of these!

just one of her cute goofy faces... gotta love her!

February 13, 2009

Updating finally...

We don't have internet at the house so due to the fact that i have not been able to drive myself around for a while i have not been able to get on the internet at all! i can't tell you how much i miss it! i feel so disconnected from the world!

Anyway... Ava is doing wonderful! she is such a wonderful girl! we are so blessed!!! she is so sweet and good! We are in texas right now visiting friends and family and showing off our little ava girl!

The flight was wonderful she slept the whole way well woke up one time to feed and that was it! and then went back to sleep till we landed! We went out to eat when we got here and she ate her dinner and she staid awake for a while and looked around and spent time with chelsea!! then fell back asleep and she only woke up once last night for about an hour and a half to eat.

Now for an update in general!

I took Ava to the Dr. Yesterday to weigh her and she now weighs 8lbs 11 ounces! they are so happy with her progress. she is gaining about an ounce a day! So we are so happy about that!