May 23, 2009

Four Months Old!

here are some of her latest pictures. she loves her new toy! she bounces in it for about an hour at a time. then requires a break! But she does get really excited when she is in it. i think she feels like she is standing and able to move freely! she is four months old and i can't believe it! she is talking to herself a lot. ava words we call them. she can mimic us for some things. she is working on BAAA. and she is doing so good. Next is MAMA LOL! i wish. probably Da Da! she is almost holding her bottle by her self. it is awesome! she is such a good girl! she loves the fact that she can do it by herself. she is always trying to do things on her own. Last night we were leaving my mom and dad's house and she was just woken up. My mom was saying bye to her and ava reached out and touched her face. not like normal trying to grab it. but she just put her hand on her cheek. it was so sweet. she does that to me and dez all the time but she has NEVER reached out for someone besided us! it was adorable.

We are also going to be leaving for the dominican republic on friday and we can't wait. we know that ava will not remember it but it is for us to remember our first family vacation. we are going to have a great time. I can't wait!!! we are all set.

Yesterday Ava turned 4 Months old! wow how the time has flown by!

May 17, 2009

finally the pictures i promised forever ago!!

she loves talking to her animals! isn't it so cute how she sleeps sometimes.
she looks like a Frazee in this picture! Finally i can see me in my baby girl!
this is what i could get of her first tooth coming in! i didn't not even notice it until she bit my finger!

she loves her baths

this is my favorite picture i have of her i want it framed and hung in her room!

her new bed! isn't it cute!

she looks so much like him! such a cutie!

learning to hold her bottle! she is getting good! NUK bottle are the best for when they learn to hold them!!!

May 16, 2009

Been a busy day/ week!

well des has started working!!!! YAY!!! he is bartending at a place called stone werks. he is enjoying it i think! while in the mean time we are going to try and get his business up and running but it takes time!

We went to his friends and family night to support him and we got to try the food before they open and it was so so good! Ava fell asleep in the high chair and it was so cute! everyone loved her! who wouldn't!!!!

we have finally gotten settled into our apartment and i feel a little more like home! it has taken a while. But nothing relpaces the awesome feeling of being so close to my family!!!

Ava spent the night for the FIRST time away from me and des. she stayed at my parents house because we had a cares team event that we were hosting and it was a big event and she is too little for me to be able to talk and cook food and the same time! we had a brunch today for everyone in our apartment! it went well! hopefully we get more and more people as we do more events! we had abot 28 people so i was happy with the turnout!

as soon as it was over we went back to the apartment and showered and des got ready for his VIP night at stonewerks and then we headed to his work and i then headed to my parents house to see our little girl who was sleeping when i got here and still is! i missed her so much!!! she is such a wonderful little girl!

well that is what we have been up to for the last week or so! time flies by so fast these days i blink and the week is over!

here is a picture of ava after she fell asleep in the highchair. what a cutie!!!

May 12, 2009

just a few pictures from my moms camera! more when i get home!

Uncle stephen playing with her on the floor!!!
mothers day!!! Des' parents came intown! it was a great time!

Me and my mom and ava! my first mothers day and her first one as a grandmother!!!

May 3, 2009

things have been busy!!!

Well we are all moved into our apartment! We are loving it! we are only about fifteen minutes from my parents house and it is so easy for them to get here or us to go there. we still go there all the time!! We have twenty four night every monday!!!

Ava is getting so big! she is just an angel! Last night she slept from 11:00pm to 8:50am this morning!!! NINE HOURS!!! that came out of nowhere! she has taken two naps today as well! she took one two hour nap and a three hour nap with mommy!

I have taken a few new pictures of her! She is so photogenic! She loves the camera it is so funny!

I will have to upload some later i am at my moms house and left my memory card at home!