August 25, 2009

a few pictures...

this weekend our Church went to the AT&T center where the spurs play normally... my dad and max did a big service there to promote their bigger than you series. It was awesome!! we had back stage passes and got me meet and talk with Michael W Smith. He is about to be a grandfather for the 3rd time. he is so nice. Here are a few pictures of ava...

Up to my ears in Baby food... Made it all myself!

So Ava's Doctor recommended that i make my baby food so that when she is eating foods we eat she will know exactly what they will taste like and will not dislike them. I was planning on making her food anyway... It is very much a money saver... I will be making about three months worth of food and it will have been about $30.00 for all three months!!! Can't believe it! my new baby food maker is AWESOME!!!! Thanks mom and dad! they got it for me for my birthday! I love it and it does everything. It steams it, purees it, and then thaws it out when we are ready to use it!!! So far i have made green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, zucchini. More to come... here are some pictures from the green bean process! I love it!!

August 22, 2009

Ava is Seven Months Old and I am 25 years old!

So today was My 25th Birthday and Ava turned 7 Months old! Wow i can't believe that I have a seven month old! And it has been the best seven months ever. I love our little angel so much! It is so amazing watching her grow and learn new things everyday!

We had a bit of a rough start to our day! I started around 8:00am i got up and go in the shower ava played in her crib which is the room my bathroom is in so she was not but two seconds away from me! Des was awake and could hear her playing if i needed him to come get her!

I got out of the shower and started getting clothes together and deciding what i wanted to wear! I was playing with ava as well. she was crawling and pulling up on the laundry baskets that i had put in her room to put away. so instead of her pulling up on an empty basket i decided putting her in it would be a great idea. well not so much! she played for a second and then tried to lean against one side and she tipped over. as i lunged for her i did not quite make it! she hit her head on the wall. She started screaming! I started crying! and ran to our room where des was and sat down and we loved on her and checked her out. watched her head. and Yes she had a bump. I was so upset. she calmed down really fast! But i was still loving on her as if she was screaming. I think it was more for my own comfort.

After that she was playing and laughing. she started getting sleepy and so i decided i would lay down with her not thinking she would fall asleep and we would get right back up and i would dry my hair and get ready for the day... well that did not happen. we struggled in the bed and stayed there taking her morning nap i guess that is what we are going to call it! We slept for a while! a good two hours! But it felt great! I then got up and fixed my hair and got dressed. We had an event at our apartment so we had to get to the clubhouse and get ready for it!

After that des took me to the mall! He surprised me last night with a gift cert. to one of my most favorite stores! so we went straight there and i got two dresses and a wallet for the diaper bag to i can find it easier.

And last of all... When we moved her we met some wonderful people named Adam and Lindsey! We love them! they are so sweet and we really enjoy spending time with them. not to mention that they have a wonderful handsome baby boy who is 7 days older than Ava! Kael is his name and he is just a little charmer! Your heart just melts when you see this little boy! Well we call him Ava's boyfriend! They are so cute together! They play really well together... anyway... one night we were at their house for dinner and Lindsey and I were talking about birthdays and we found out that we have the same birthday! August 22nd! So we decided that we would plan a party/ get together with friends! It was so much fun! we all had dinner and cake and just hung out! it was not a high strung birthday party! it was fun and relaxing! I loved it!

I also got a baby food processor! Yes i am going to make Ava's food! Recomended by my doctor! He seems to be very stricked! All doctors are different but i really like him! Anyway... that will start monday! i will take pictures of the process of me making food! this should be fun!!!!

here are a few pictures from the night and a few of ava falling asleep in her highchair mid dinner!!!

It was probably one of the best birthdays ever! First birthday with my baby girl! and with great friends too!

this is ava watching her grandfather play the banjo!

this is lindsey and Kael! Of course we are both closing our eyes! LOL !!!

Mr. Kael and Ava Playing!!! Lindsey and I kept saying "Ava and Kael sittin' in a tree....?

this is us with our birthday cakes! yes i was holding mine the wrong way so it was saying 52 in stead of twenty five!!!

August 21, 2009

Calling for prayers for Baby Alice!

Please everyone pray for Alice Miller Beavan! She was born Thursday, August 20th at 11:18am. 9lbs 4oz. She is the daughter of Greg and Lisa Beavan!!! We are asking everyone to pray! I am confident that she will make a full recovery! but she has had a rough start! Just pray the Lord keeps his hands on her! and pray that her parents find peace and comfort in his arms! Pray he helps them be strong for their little girl!!!

here is just a small part of what they are dealing with. she emailed me and i wanted to keep everyone praying!

she didn't cry for 3min when she was born...she inhaled meconium and had trouble breathing so they put a cpap on her....then at 7pm she had a minor seizure so the neonatologist suggested they move her to musc as they're the Greg rode in the ambulance with her where she had another seizure....he stayed there til 1230 after they did tests and she settled down...she had another seizure today and theyre running a bunch of tests on her.

August 13, 2009

Wow found some time to update! Ava is so big! I can't believe it!

So yes its been a while! We have been busy! We are loving what we are doing! We are settled into our apartment and loving San Antonio and being close to my family! Des parents have come down to see us about every month. Des started his job at stone werks and then decided that was not the place for him. He has returned to fine dining! Which i am very happy about!!!!! :) I am glad but it has not been an easy transition! He is training the next two weeks. well i should say week and a half. he has already gone through a lot of his training. But it involves A LOT of tests. Which is not so fun for him! Ava and i play catch up it seems everyday! I am trying my best to keep the house picked up and laundry done! But i tend to fall behind on it! and my wonderful hubby is so wonderful to help me out in the areas that i lack on days when i am tired or busy with CARES. Ava is almost 7 months old and getting so big! she is crawling and standing up on EVERYTHING! even if its not sturdy enough for her! she plays very well in her playpen and she is taking about one solid nap a day! She has a quiet time in her room too for about an hour and a half each morning when she is sleepy. sometimes she falls asleep other times she just plays and talks to herself which is so cute to listen to on the monitor! I uploaded the pictures i have been taking over the last few weeks. She is so much fun and i would be lost without my camera. she does something i think is so cute every two seconds!!!!

she snuggles with daddy in the mornings sometimes when i have to get up and get going!!!! which is most days!

this is before church sunday!!! we spent all day there for a promotion for cares... If you are wondering what we do with cares... visit the website! it is so awesome!

she is too big for any of her baths that we have for her so we are just letting her sit in the tub with me NEVER leaving her for a second! she is so big! she slaps the water and laughs!

she is just so easy to put to sleep now! she gets put in her bed at around nine and is asleep by nine thirty! she is so good!!!

my parents had some friends come to town with their little ones! the little girl had a crown and she put it on ava and gave her the cell phone! wow starting early! but she just acted like she is the princess... which she is!!

she loves to play in her toy bin! she tries to climb in all the time so i just help her most of the time!!!she also stands up on it and pulls toys out of it!!!

her playpen she stands up in a presses her nose up against it and talks to me while i do stuff around the house!

eating is always fun!!! she is one messy eater! we have had peas, carrots, sweet potatos, and now we are on green beans!!!