July 27, 2009

Our little Ava Lu is SIX MONTHS OLD!

WOW! i am finally getting to update my blog! I have had a busy week! well our family has had a busy week i should say! Well we went to Ava's 6 month appointment. She is doing better than fantastic! We are with a new doctor his name is Dr Benbow! yes i know how that sounds! But he is wonderful and he is good at what he does!

So her six month update is

Weight: 18.4lbs

Height: 27"

She is a big six month old! The doctor said that she is not over weight by an means! he said she is just the size of a nine month old! she is very proportioned and looks amazing! When i told him all that she is doing he was amazed! he said that the children that are larger for their age usually are the last to do all of those things. I will update later on in the blog about all that she is doing at six months. She has been eating rice cereal for about three weeks now. The day she turned six months old I decided to give her peas. I was wanting to make her food but was going to talk with the doctor about what i needed to do or if he even thought it was a good idea! well before i could even say anything he told me that he wants me to make her food. he asks all of his patients parents to puree the baby food from fresh veggies. He said that it is his goal and hope to have all of his children that he sees to love veggies later on in life. He thinks if the food tastes just like what we are eating off of our plates then there is no surprise in taste when they start eating them whole. He told me not to mix them yet with anything else to make sure she does not react to any foods. Feed her each food for seven days!

He also was very addiment about not having any fruit before she tries all the basic veggies because once you introduce the sweet food they will not want to have the veggies. He also said not to give juice to her. he said that when she is old enough if she wants orange juice then to give her an actual orange. He does not like all the sugars in the juices. He told me to sometimes mix apple juice in with her cereal to keep her regular. But to not introduce juice at all in the first year. He said that once she is past the one year mark that it will be milk and water only. This is of course what he recomends and i agree and have already thought about all of those things. He is a very health concious doctor! I love it. He is wonderful with ava too! She was smiling and did not even cry when he stuck the think in her ear. She has always cried before.

We are very pleased with her doctor!

I am also excited to say that i this week put ava's highchair together ALL BY MYSELF! Des woke up and it was done! feeding her is so easy now! she is on her first week of food! we are having PEAS! She LOVES THEM! we are feeding her half of a serving for lunch with a serving of cereal! He wants her to have cereal till she is a year old at least! that is where she is going to maintane her iron and most of her nutrients!

Ok things that ava has started doing!

1. she is crawling all over the house
2. she is pulling herself up
3. eating foods
4. she can go from crawling to sitting up
5. razzing (gargling and making cooing noises)
6. holding her own bottle
7. turns to look when you say her name
8. can pick up small objects or follow small objects (can not leave anything in her path)
9. copies when you wave at her and faces you make
10. hold her by her hands and she can walk all over the room
11. rolls over both from stomach to back and back to stomach both ways
i am sure there are more but those are what are on my mind right now!

ok now for pictures!!!

This is a picture of Daddy's first time feeding his little girl! He actually had a good time! He seemed to be having fun! she is so funny when she eats!
I love this she has her mouth wide open mimicing her daddy! she also made the AHHH sound when she was waiting too long for a bit! SO ADORABLE!!!

this is her early in the moring waiting for her cereal! she only gets cereal and milk for breakfast!

cheering up and waking up! she is not so much a morning person yet.. she usually goes back to sleep for two hours after she eats!

i just love this face. Classic ava face! she is so animated!!!

about to get her cereal! she is so excited!

sometimes when i am fixing her cereal she gets fussy so i turn on spongebob and she just loves the song! this is her right after she woke up and was in a daze!!

First Bite of Peas! she almost ate them all the first time!!! she did so good!!! peas are a success!

i love love love this picture! she is always smiling! even when she is eating!! most of the food falls out of her mouth when she smiles but it is still so cute!!

one day i was taking a shower and when i got out dez said Jenn come quick look at his baby! I walked out and this is what she was doing!!! she is standing up on her own she crawled over and pulled herself up on her toy!

I came in to get her one day from a nap or something and this is what i found her doing!! now she does it everytime!! she looked at me like hello i have been waiting for you to come get me!!!

she is now using a sippy cup! one of my friends said that she introduced that for her son and he did really well with it but she got him one with a soft almost like a bottle nipple to start so that is what i did! she is doing great with it and loves it! i give her a little water after food so she can wash it down! not much water though just a little less than an ounce!

July 22, 2009

Had to show a sneek peek we got from Jamie of our photoshoot!!! she is AWESOME!!!

We had all of our family in town as i said in the other post. We did a fun family photo shoot with a wonderful sweet lady named Jamie Larson! She was so much fun and takes wonderful pictures! she posted a sneek peek of one of the photos! there are many more to come! I am sure i will be ordering so many! Her website is www.Jamielarsonphotography.com check her stuff out! she is so good at what she does! I can't wait to get more done of our family! She is definatley the one to do it!

July 18, 2009

First time playing in the Grass!!!!

Today we went to take pictures with my WHOLE family! there are around 26 of us that are here right now! So we thought it would be a great time to get an updated picture because we never know when all of us will be in the same place again! We took the most of our pictures of dez me and ava first so we were relaxing and then my mom thought it would be fun to let her play in the grass! she was so amazed by it! here are a few pictures. soon i will have the professional ones!!! they are going to be so awesome! Can't wait to see them all!!!

July 17, 2009

Shopping with mommy at Sams

So Here is a little blog. We went to Sam's the other day for one for our event coming up! we have so much fun shopping! she sits up in the shopping cart and she looks at everything and smiles at everyone! She talks all the way through the store! She just looked so cute i wanted to take pictures of her! I normally have a boppy cover that she sits in when she is in the cart but i left it with my mom from when we went shopping the other day! We love to shop! Yes i am starting her early! That is my favorite thing to do and i am glad that i can take her with me and she is so good!

She is also crawling like crazy all over the house. We are getting close to her 6 month! she is doing so many things so fast! it is amazing to watch her! she does something new everyday it seems like! I am amazed at this little girl!

July 6, 2009

Our First time to SeaWorld!

My best friend and her wonderful mother and sister came to San Antonio to visit and go to Sea World! well i could not wait to go! it was a blast! Ava has never been (i know shocking because she is only 5 months old right!) anyway so we went today and it was great! Ava laughed one time and it was when shamu was spashing everyone! well now they have about six shamus and they call them all shamu! Here are our pictures! we will have more tomorrow because we are going back tomorrow night for the night shows! they are different then the day ones i guess! but either way CAN"T WAIT!!!!!