April 23, 2009

April 22 2009... Ava is THREE months old!

Our little girl is 3 months old!!! I can't believe it! she is doing so much... she is cooing in full sentence like things. (so cute its like she is trying to tell a story) She likes to talk to the TV when people are on it. She just stares at it. She lifts herself up when she is laying down. she is always trying to sit all the way up when she is on her back. Her neck is so incredibly strong!!! She can make it from one end to the other of her playpen in about 30 seconds most times. she is only scooting but she is learning to push up on her hands and put her knees under her and push herself forward but she has not figured out how to put them together just yet! When she does she is going to be trouble!! she is very interested in toys. (especially ones that make noise) and she likes to grab things. My hair, her rattle, her bumble bee, things that are in her reach she is very curious about! she loves to stand up and sit down with us just holding her hands and her using us for the sturdy part and she does all the work. I can't believe how far she has come in just a month!
I finally got a new camera!!! I love it! I took a bunch of pictures of her today and put a few of them up!

Trying to crawl this is the leg part...

this is her rolling over! everytime she is on her belly she finds a way to turn over. She turns over both ways now!

My camera really picks up her BEAUTIFUL eyes!!!

Our little model!

this is the arm part of her crawling... but them together and i think we are in a little bit of trouble!! she will be unstoppable!

This is how high she can lift her head at only 3 months!!! AMAZING little girl!

Her normal laughing!!! she is such a little smiling girl! she wakes up with a smile on her face! could not ask for a better little angel!

April 21, 2009

Its been a while!.... We have been busy!

Well a lot has happened! we are getting settled in San Antonio very well! we are going to Oak Hills Church where my dad is one of the pastors. We love it so much! We are about to move into an apartment on Friday!!!! We have enjoyed staying with my family though... We are up in their little suite above the garage. Des has found a temporary job that will pay the bills till he can really get his business up and running! Hopefully it will be soon i know that it is a dream he has and we are so close!

Ava will be 3 months old tomorrow and I can't believe it at all. She has grown so much and I am happy and sad at the same time. I am happy that she is growing into a wonderful healthy baby but i am sad that she is doing it so fast! Three months have passed so fast. We are so mesmerized by this little girl! she is so amazing! She has been rolling over all month! but today she is doing it just about every time we place her on her tummy and she also rolled over from her back to her tummy tonight as well! she is grabbing onto things and keeping them in her hands for a little while. i would say she holds onto a toy for about three minutes or so. she shakes it and looks at it and puts it in her mouth. this is a picture des took of her rolling over!!!

She is cooing in what i say are sentences mostly like.... ooohhh awwww goooo gaaaa... not even close to what she does but best i can do! she has a play yard type toy that she lays in and toys hang all over it. there is this one toy that she loves! it is a cute bumble bee thing and it plays music and makes bird and animal sounds. Not sure what it is but she LOVE LOVE LOVES it! i took a video of her playing in it.

She is sitting up almost on her own and that is so amazing to me!!! I took video of her last night sitting on the couch just relaxing and playing! she is really into patterns and she gets distracted by them. here is another video. she is sitting up in the middle of her boppy and it is giving her a little back support and some on the side but other than that she is doing it so well!!!!

April 12, 2009

More pictures...

Today i dressed her in a little dress for Easter. It was not her Easter Dress she wore that to church last night! so i thought this was a comfortable and cute one for today! We got up this morning bright and early! started at about 4:30 am. Then we both fell back asleep and then woke up again around 7:45am. And Ava and I played quietly while daddy slept! he has bad sinuses and has been feeling bad so we were trying to let him sleep! then we got dressed around 9:00 am. and took some pictures. She is too cute i take so many pictures of her!

Then we went down stairs and she got all of her Easter gifts. Daddy and I got her a stacker toy that lights up! she loves the noises but can't quite stack them yet! but she is all about the sound and lights!!!

Her grandparents got her a few things. Floaties for the pool and a floaty boat for the pool~ they also got her a bear pacifier clip~ and sunglasses like her pink ones for the pool~ and a pillow for her new room door that says SHHHH princess sleeping. She is so spoiled!!! hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!!

Here are a few pictures from today!!!

Happy Easter!!! Ava's First Easter!

This was Ava's First Easter! We had a beautiful dress that was given to her by Amanda Curry's mom. It is so cute!! I added the big bow! Des was not too thrilled about the bow but i thought it was too cute!!! Everyone at church loved it!!! We went to church on Saturday night. it was so good! Max and my Dad did an awesome job! We took a couple pictures before church and my parents took some after. here are some of them!

My parents with Ava on the backyard patio!

Daddy and his baby girl posing for momma's many pictures! what good sports!!!

April 9, 2009

more swimming pictures and some from after her bath...

A day at the pool!!

Today we went out to the pool for the first time with Ava. It was beautiful! 95 degrees here and really sunny! my parents don't have a lot of shade in the back yard so we put a lot of baby sunscreen on Ava. it smelled like candy! Huggies sunscreen is the one we use!!! we put her sun hat on and one of her bathing suites and sunglasses and headed out to the pool! we took a lot of pictures! here are some of them!

our little sun bather! she is so cute!

all she needed was a fruity drink (non-alcoholic) with an umbrella!!!

sun bathing together!!!

we took a break in the shade!

daddy relaxing in the shade with Ava!!

April 8, 2009

Our camera broke :( but i got some good pictures before it did!!!

Yesterday we dropped the camera and something happened to it and we can't take anymore pictures. we googled what it kept saying and we found out that it is an expensive problem to fix so it would just be much better to get a new camera. i loved that camera. it is two years old. we are looking and seeing what we can afford and hopefully we will get a new one soon! i can't go without one for any amount of time because i am continually taking pictures of our little Ava. she is so cute and i have missed the last day of not taking them....