October 29, 2009

poor sick baby :(

She doesn't look sick at all does she? Well she only has a cold but she is major congested and miserable with she tries to sleep. Which every mommy knows what that means right? Mommy is exhausted!!!

But i don't mind being exhausted at all i just really want Ava to feel better. She is such a happy baby no matter what she is feeling. Sometime that scares me because i feel like its a guessing game on what is major and what is not. She acts about the same no matter what. Granted she has not had a very serious problem to date. And we pray that she never does. but she acts just as happy with a double ear infection as she does with a common cold. So i worry that i may miss something. Which makes me want to run her to the doctor everytime she coughs or has a 100.1 fever!

But i also will call my mom so she can talk me down when i feel like a doctor visit is necessary. But today is day 4 of her being congested and coughing and her decongestant is not making things better she also has nose spray and that does not seem to be working. We have sat in the bathroom with the hot shower running and steam everywhere and that was not working.

So this morning after night 3 on the chair with her in the living room and three times up that night, i decided it was time to call the nurse and see what she said about it all.

They normally don't want me to come in if i don't feel it is nessesary or they feel it is vital that they see me. Well i called and explained to her everything and how what i had was not working and that i needed some answers. she told me that if the over the counter things were not working that maybe it was time to have her checked to see if there was something more to her cold.


So at 11 this morning we headed to the doctor and we did not wait at all. I loved it! we did not get to see her doctor today we saw a lady doctor and she was wonderful she did patty cake with ava and she loved it. Well after listening to her heart and chest and in her ears and mouth and so on. She decided that it was just major common cold and what i was doing needed to stay the same just up the dosage of everything because she now weighs more than she did last time she had this so she requires more.


We left with the answer that she will get over it and that it is not serious and is not in her chest just her head and nose. She is ok to fly when we leave this weekend to go see Des family in Memphis for Lesa's birthday(Mother In Law) So we will up the dose and pray that she will get over it fast!

October 26, 2009

Cutest feet Ever!

Last night Des cooked steaks and it was so yummy!

Ava sat in her highchair at the table with us! she was having a blast! After dinner des was pushing her back and forth in the chair and she was cracking up! it was so funny!

We asked her where her puppy was and she could not find her and this is what she would do! Too Cute!!!

After dinner we were playing on the floor and she was picking up her blocks holder and putting it on the window! It is not a light toy! i mean light for adults but not for a 9 month old baby!

Ava videos!

Watch this one close it is her sneaking out of our living room and looking for us before she keep going so she doesn't get caught! too funny!!!

 this is her walking out of the living room and to the door!

October 25, 2009


The other day we were playing peek-a-boo and i was putting ava's hands over her face and pulling them away. Well next thing i know she is doing it herself and it was so cute! i got picutes!

Bath time was fun last night i put some soap in her hair to wash it and i was able to make a little mohawk with what little hair she has which is awesome cause that means she is getting more and more!

Last night was Uncle Austin's girlfriend's homecoming dance! After dinner then stopped by to hang out with ava before they went to the dance!!!! it was fun to hang out with them! Kaylee was playing patty cake with ava and she got the Roll em part!!! we have all been working on it with her!!! So proud of her!  what a cute couple right?! i think so!!!

Ava's favorite commercial (everytime it comes on she is motionless and watches and laughs!!!! it is where people from nickelodeon get green slime thrown on them... she just loves it and laughs. i took a few pictures of the tv it is way to hard to explain....

and to end the night ava was in a very snuggling mood. she ended up falling asleep in my arms and it was too cute she had her hands folded!

October 23, 2009

WOW Nine Months Old...

I can't believe we are at 9 months already. She is getting so tall and big. She is growing up so fast.

Ava my sweet angel:

You weigh 22 lbs (90th %)
You are 29 Inches Long (90th %)
Your head is 18 inches (80th %)

 You are still eating veggies. (no fruits but we are getting there fast) So far you have had Carrots, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini, green beans, avocado, corn, cauliflower. The Doctor said that you are ready to start eating all solid foods. No more puree foods for you! you also are going to start having fruits and also poultry now!!! What a big girl! You are able to eat like mommy and daddy Just smaller bites!!!

You still have cereal with every meal. Doctors orders. He said that is where you get your vitamins and most of the healthy things you need from. You really like cereal. We have tried them all. You love them. We are going to take it to cereal for breakfast only and also the doctor wants you to only use sippy cups. But we are going to work out the bottle one meal a day. You are going to be using sippy cups all the time soon!

You are way passed crawling, standing up, You are walking. You walk all over the place. i don't let you walk outside of the house. But you would if you could. You Love to walk. We are going to have to get you some good shoes for you soon! Your Doctor was very pleased that you are so far ahead!

You have grown out of your car seat. But it lasted longer than i thought it would. You are too big for it your feet hang over the end and you can almost see your cute face when you turn to look at us from the top. So we have moved on from the baby car seat. You are in a big girl seat.

You are much better at riding in the car. You use to hate it. Now you either talk the whole way or go right to sleep!

You are wearing 12 month clothing and actually growing out of a few of those. But i think those are not true to size.
You are wearing size 3 diapers. I think you will be in those for a bit longer.

You are probably the most difficult baby to change a diaper for. You can't sit still. You have to be doing something and i don't mind at all. You are just ready for the next thing.

You spend hours playing in the living room with all your toys walking from the window to the couch to the chair and back again. It is so cute and you have so much fun. Mommy plays in the floor with you a lot of the time. We read books, stack blocks, play with your stuffed animals. That is probably the thing you love most out of your day!

You are a wonderful sleeper. You sleep 9-12 hours at night. You have always slept 6 to 8 so i can't complain. You go to bed at about 9 and sleep till about 8 just about every morning. You love to come into our bed in the morning and play with mommy and daddy. Well you like to poke at daddy till he wakes up. It usually takes a few minutes but when he see you looking at him he just smiles and wakes right up and you guys play for a little while.

You love running errands with mommy during the day. We have so much fun. Everyone at the stores love you they always stop and talk to you and play with you and say what a good baby girl you are. And they are jealous of you and how well you behave. Pleas keep in up you are so pleasant when we are out.

Your favorite thing to do when you play is to either look at books and play with blocks. You love the animals in the books.

You can show me where your tummy is and you can sometimes tell me where your toes are! it is so cute! you are so smart!

We have so much fun with you! you are such a joy to our lives and we don't know what we would do without you! You are such a snuggler and a lover. you love to give us kisses! You do it without us even asking! you still say mama, dada, baba, gaga, and a lot of other combinations of those words!

here is mommy at nine months

 here you are :

October 17, 2009

Ava's First Pumkin Patch...

Today Des, my mom, Me and Ava went to the pumpkin patch in Boerne. It was so much fun! She had a blast. I did not think she would like it at first but she did so good and smiled so pretty for us!

We took a few family photos while we were there. I might be using one of them as our Christmas card.

My mom took some cute pictures with Ava. They were having fun playing in the pumpkins!!

Here are some of mommy and Ava and Ava and daddy in the Cinderella pumpkins I love these pumpkins!

And then we headed to the ones that were more her size!!