January 24, 2010

One Year ago today...

One year ago today we brought our baby girl home for the first time! It may be weird to talk about three days after she was born but i was thinking today of the many things that were first for us!

We had spent three days in the hospital due to my C-Section and Ava having mild jaundice. So there were many things that they helped me out with... Such as me getting around, Feedings, and all the helping me with the little things that i was unable to do because my c-section was a tad rough on me. I did not move very well after that. I spent most of the three days hunched over when i was walking! But it was mainly due to the fact that it was a full day not moving!

So needless to say my thoughts about the day we took her home lead me to think about the many first with our baby girl!!!

Before we left the hospital that day we dressed our ava in a cute little outfit for the first time. It was the first of many cute outfits she would wear through out her first year!!! But I spent a week deciding what i wanted our little girl to come home from the hospital in!

We left the hospital and with both of our phones broken we needed to pick up some new ones so that we could be begin our communication with the world again!!! So we went straight from the hospital to the T- Mobile store to get some new phones. So our first car ride with our little girl was longer than i had hoped! We were ready to get home.

After we got our phones we headed home! My mom who was staying with us for the next two weeks was with us had spent the time that we were in the hospital making us food for the next month! It was awesome and so wonderful to have due to the fact that i would not lift more than Ava for the next month. Once we got home we relaxed and i tried to find out how i was going to cope for the next few weeks while i was recovering. I also was working out a feeding schedule. That is probably the most nerve racking thing for a new mom. Maybe not so much with the second child but with the first child i was worried that i was not giving her enough food or that i was giving her too much. eventually i figured it out! That is one big thing that stood out as being harder than i thought was feeding and schedules!

She was a great sleeper so that part was not an adjustment for me! When we got back to the house we settled in and spent the first two hours or so admiring our beautiful gift from God! She is such a wonderful blessing and we could not believe that she is the one God chose for us! She could not be more perfect!

Once we were settled in my wonderful mother started cooking dinner for all of us! We had a wonderful dinner and ava slept through the whole thing! When she woke up we decided it was time for her fist bath!

She was not a fan i must say!!!

She eventually calmed down! She had no idea that a year later baths would be her most favorite thing to do!!


After her bath I dressed her in her first sleeper and we held her and loved on her and I fed her then we put her to bed!

She slept 6 hours the first night home!! it was wonderful! She has always been great at sleeping! We are so blessed!! Ava loves her sleep time!!!

I think i just stayed up and stared at our little angel most of the night! Having her here was so amazing and just stayed up thinking about the many days,weeks, months and years to come!!! One year today we are so proud of all that our little girl is doing! She is such a strong smart little girl!!!

We have her 1 year appointment tomorrow!!! i will write with the update from that tomorrow!!! Today we are thanking God for our first wonderful year with our little girl Ava and we look forward to many more years full of firsts!

January 22, 2010

Ava's Birthday Party!

Ava had her birthday party today! We had it over at my parents house! It was so much fun! one of my brothers came here from waco for her party! It was such a special day for our little girl!

We had a duck party... It turned out to be so cute!

Her duck cake was adorable!

Her Smash cake looked just like her big cake!!! HEB is the best!!!

Everytime Ava saw a duck she would say DUUUUUCKKK!!! so you know that happened a lot throughout the night!

We also made duck punch... well blue punch! it turned out to be very good! we were not sure when we were making it! But it was cute and yummy!!

Ava's boyfriend who is 7 days older than her came to her party! We love him and his family! they are so special to us! Ava kept trying to give him hugs and he was not having them! it was too cute!!! she just kept trying!!!

They are so cute together... they played most of the first part of the night!

Ava tried to help daddy fix the door...

she wanted to put on backyardagains!! her favorite show!

We opened all of her wonderful presents! Ava got so many wonderful things!!!

After we ate our burgers and had some time to chat we sang happy birthday to ava and gave her the smash cake to let her have a little fun!!! She was unsure at first but by the end she was having a blast!!!

Happy Birthday baby girl!!! Ava is 1!!!

Our baby girl is 1!!! where did the time go? She had grown up over night! practically running now! Talking up a storm!

Ava you are:

Drinking milk now! NO MORE Formula!

Eating almost everything but you love bananas, spinach, chicken, beef, sweet potatoes, and much much more!

Walking all the time now! no falling down at all! You would walked outside if i would let him!

You love to say the words Duck, Dog, Pretty, Bob (spongebob), dadda, momma, nona, and a few more that are not coming to mind right now!

wearing 18 month clothing.

Size 4 diapers

size 4 shoes

 you hate having things on your feet!

you love to give everyone and everything hugs! You are such a sweet girl!

you make the fish face and give fish kisses!

you love to play the sound game with mommy and daddy... we say something and you say something in the same pitch we do! it is so cute!

You will not let me take you back from nona sometimes! you love to see her!

When you get tired you cry if anyone tries to talk to you!

You maybe take one nap a day!

You go to bed around 8 sometimes 7 depending on the day that you have had!

You wake up around 8 or 9

You have 8 teeth all the way in and are getting 4 more! your eye teeth and two molars! you have been miserable the last week! i feel horrible for you!

You are growing up to be such a sweet loving funny girl! You are the light of our lives and we could not imagine life without you! Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!!! It has been the best year of our life with you in our lives!!!

January 21, 2010

The day before we met Ava Lucille

The day before we met our little angel was a busy day! We had my mom fly in at the last minute after my doctor decided to induce me. My mom and I spent the day running around and getting thing ready. We picked up things we might need at the hospital. Then we came back to the house and watched some tv. I had spent some of my bed rest days watching a baby story. So we watched an episode or two of those! Des had to work that day. And his parents drove in that afternoon. When dez parents got here we finished getting things for the hospital and loaded up the car my mom and i went off to the hospital to check in by five. Dez parents went to pick dez up at work and head over to the hospital! We all arrived close to five. We went and got checked in settled in our room and relaxing till the doctor came in. I got my IV. Worst part of the whole process i think.

That night when the doctor came in she told us what all we were going to be doing to induce. They were going to start a mild dose of meds over the night to start the process and that in the morning they would start me on stronger meds to really get things going. She started the meds and we just relaxed and waited!

Des parents and my mom went and got dinner. We watched TV and just talked about when our little ava would be here! I started to feel a few contractions. That night i did not sleep much. My mom and Dez stayed with me that night.

One of the biggest things that happened that day... Dez had his last cigarette ever. He had one before he left work! Today has been one year since he has had a cigarette! He had done so good for his baby girl! We are so proud of him!!!

The day before we met ava was such good day but it would never beat the next day! Our little girl made the next day the best day of our lives!!!