November 30, 2009

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas...

Thanks to the Walkers we have a little Christmas tree. It is perfect for our little place. We have a wonderful 2 bedroom apartment right now and i don't think it could take much more of a tree than a 4 foot one! Last night I decorated it with all of my old ornaments and all of Ava's new ones she has gotten over the last year! She has probably as many as i do already and i collected them from when i was born till about 16. But we had just enough to make the tree look perfect! Here is a picture of it without lights.

I don't have presents under it yet. But some are to come!

The other day i was taking pictures of ava and i just love that she smiles the minute she sees a camera or phone! Its too cute!

G-Ma and T-Pa were here this weekend (Dez Parents) And they brought ava a few toys and clothes! She loves her little car that she can ride around or push! She can't wait to play with it in the morning! and she plays with it one way and she knows that it does something else so she tries to figure out how to get it to go the other way... too funny!

She loves to make faces while she eats... Finally got a few good ones of her...

This weekend my dad and Austin played on stage while the band and church sang. My dad is a great banjo player and my brother plays guitar so good!! I got a good picture of them on stage! Everyone loved it!!!

My mom got us all new stockings this year! She has them hung outside on the fire place... believe it or not they don't have one inside! But not really needed here in Texas i guess. I love them and i really want to get some for us but i think i am going to wait till next year!

Ava can sign!!!

We have been working for less than three weeks on signing. I almost did not do sign i was a little worried that Ava would choose to do the sign over saying the word. But i changed my mind and i am glad that i did! She is so smart! She has learned a few signs already! More, Please, Thank you, and All Gone! Now she has come up with the best version of them for her and the way she can do them! I got a video the other day!

The other day we were eating and ava did the sign for more and she also said the word more! It was so cute! she does that now! when she signs more she also says it!

She can also say Duck! She picks up her duck and says duck duck... and when she goes to her bathroom her shower curtain is a bunch of ducks and she says duck duck! She loves ducks... but not much of a suprise if you have read most of my blogs. i have mentioned it in a few others how much she loves her ducks!

November 25, 2009

Just when you think you have everything baby proof............................

Dez and I have worked very hard to make sure every cord, plug, sharp corner and other dangerous things that babies find there way to so easily covered! We finally got the last thing i think she can hurt herself on figured out! She is now able to walk and play freely in the living room with all her toys and she loves it! Until today... when i walked into the bedroom to put a pillow back on the bed and i came right back out! i mean i had to of been gone for about 4 seconds... and this is what i saw her doing!

She was climbing to get the remote off of the computer! this is her mid climb! She got all the way up there! Guess its time to teach her how to get down safely! Man just when you think you are set and she can't get hurt for one day... She figures out something else to do to get hurt of in trouble!

By the way she did not get hurt but it has some great possibility to hurt herself! But i love the fact that she is so adventurous! She is so smart! If it wasn't this then it would have been something else!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hopefully i will have tons of Thanksgiving pictures to post! We are going over to my parents house tomorrow morning and their neighbor jimmy is frying a turkey for our family! Can't wait!!! This is our first Thanksgiving with Ava and we are so excited! She will be having some of everything that we are having! Maybe not desert! ok maybe a taste!

There is so much to be thankful for! Too much to list! I would be here all night! But most of all we are thankful for two major things! Having a beautiful baby girl and being in the same city as our family! We love San Antonio! I could not imagine a better place to live!!!

November 24, 2009

Ava is 10 months old!

Ava you are 10 Months old!!!

Ava you are getting so big! you are such an amazing little girl and very smart!

What you are up to these days:

Your Weight is 22 lbs
Your Height is 29 inches
Your doctor says that you are physically and mentally acting like a 13-18 month old! You are a strong smart girl!

You are now walking all over the place! That is your most favorite thing to do! You are able to walk all over the house without falling but i am still not letting you walk out in public unless we are right behind you and there are not that many people around. You only walk at our house and Nona's house! But if you had it your way you would walk everywhere! You are very good at walking in shoes now! You love to spend the whole day walking around the living room because i will not follow you everywhere because it is all padded so you will not fall and get hurt! You love to climb up in our built in entertainment center and play!!!

You are no longer eating puree foods! You love everything! You never give me any trouble! You can feed yourself very well! But you are very messy! But so was momma when she was little! You love to feed yourself and when you eat certain things that you like or something new you say MMMMM! after every bit!! it is so sweet and cute! You love spinach, green beans, corn, asparagus, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peas, beans, turkey, chicken, beef, squash, zucchini, potatoes, cranberries, apples, pears, oranges, bananas, peaches, and so much more but that is what i can think of right now! you love them all!!!


You are learning to sign to tell me what you want! You have learned a few signs so fast! You know how to tell me More, and Thankyou! But you try to say the word more when you sign in! It is so cute you are going to be saying it perfect before long! We are working on please! You also say Dadda, Momma, baba, Nona and a few more! but Nona is your new one for the month! Nona loves that you can say her name! You also relate to us talking to her on the phone so when you say Nona you also put your hand to your ear sometimes like you are talking to her on the phone! it is so cute! You do call her sometimes on my cell phone when you are playing with it! She loves that you call her! You also love to play with uncle Stephen and uncle Austin when they play the guitar! You like to try and play!

You love to take pictures! you smile at the camera when we pull it out! it is so easy to get a picture of you smiling! The minute you see a camera or a phone camera pointed at you, you start smiling so big!

I am not sure why the pictures are dated different because they were on the say day! Oh well!

You still love to snuggle with your momma!

You love to take bathes that is your favorite thing we do before you go to sleep at night! you love to play with your ducks!

You love to play with mommy and daddys toys! Mainly the remote! I think you are trying to turn on the backyardagains. which is your favorite show! The second that song comes on you are dancing to the song! and all the way through! You love that song! and you love to dance!!! I have been trying to get a video but everytime you start to dance you see me and start smiling at the camera so i will take a picture!

I can't believe that my little girl is 10 months old! You seem to be growing up so fast! In two months we will be celebrating your one year birthday! You are just getting so big! We love you so much! We are very blessed to have you as our daughter and can't imagine life without you! Thankyou for being you!

November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Pets....

Today on Kelly's Korner she is doing a Show Us Your Life- Pets. I have had my wonderful Abbie for six years. She has been throught a lot with me. She is a wonderful dog! She is so smart. But recently having an almost 10 month old, she has been somewhat second in our house! I feel like i don't have as much time to spend with her now that our little Ava is here! But we do play with her as much as we can! Ava and I play with her during the day a lot. She is so sweet with Ava! Ava climbs on her and tugs at her but she never even budges! she just lays there and lets her climb all over her. I feel so blessed to have a dog that i can trust around my baby girl! She is so sweet with her!

As you can see in the last picture there is another dog! Well about two years ago we rescued him. He is so sweet! His name is beckham! which is quite fitting. he plays with a ball and uses his feet to kick it around like a soccer player! Well when we found out we were having Ava we thought he was just a bit to energetic for a baby to be around. He would never do anything to hurt her but we were worried about his need for being outside and all that. We were moving to an apartment while we waited for our move to San Antonio for about 6 months. Well we could not find a suttable home for him there. We felt that it was to close to dog fighting and we could not give him away to someone we did not trust. Well it came down to the day that i was induced and we still had mr beckham! Dez parents who live in Memphis offered to take him home with them! this has been such a wonderful blessing! They are trying to find him a good home! but if we get a yard before they do we will take him back! he is such a wonderful dog! We miss him being with us but we are glad that he is in wonderful hands!

November 17, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Baylor Bears!!! Dez, Ava and I headed down to see the Baylor vs Texas game last Saturday! My brother David works for the Athletic director at Baylor and got us a few tickets to the game. And my other brother Stephen was going to the game as well!

So we headed out at 6:00 AM! Dez and I woke up around 5:30 AM. Got ready and right before we walked out the door we woke the sleepy head up! She slept till the very last moment!

She was so excited that she was acting like a bear!

As we were leaving we drove into the prettiest sunrise! We get those a lot here!

We got to Waco and we met up with Stephen and a few of his friends! They loved playing with Ava. While we waited for the shuttle Ava had a blast playing in the fountain!


Once we got to the game we met up with David for our tickets and to say hello! He spent the game on the field.


Then after we said hello we went to our seats. Ava loved the game! She was clapping when everyone clapped. For both teams i might add. It did not really matter who was that was doing good! It was cute either way!

They had a great halftime show! it was great! UT did a tribute to the past musicals! The picture i took was of them in the shape of the phantom of the opera mask!

But the end of half time this is what Ava was doing!

Before she fell asleep they did bring out one of the Baylor Bear mascots!

We had a blast! We can't wait to go back there for another game or just to visit! It was so much fun and Ava loved it! Most of all i think that she loved seeing her Uncles! Which i know that was the highlight of us coming up to see them! They love her so much!!!