September 30, 2009

A Few things to blog about....

a few weeks ago i took a trip with ava all by myself! we went to dallas for the week to do things with my best friend for her wedding. we had a great time. we went and tried on dresses, saw the venue where they will have the ceremony and reception and it is so beautiful! we did a few other things too. it was a blast and i am so proud of myself driving with ava for 5 hours and surviving. She was actually wonderful! she slept 4 hours and was up for the last hour playing. she did break down the last ten minutes but that is to be expected. she is such a wonderful baby girl and i am so blessed!!!! Chelsea's youngest sister hung out with us a lot. Emily is so cute. ava loved her and she loved ava. we took lots of pictures this picture was taken by emily. she loves to take pictures. i think she should do it when she grows up! it is so cute!!!
This is emily and ava playing and posing for pictures!!!

here is a picture of chelsea and her fience david. can't wait for the wedding day!

we had a great time and got to meet some wonderful people. I met chelseas other best friend Belinda and her beautiful baby boy gavin. I was so dumb i did not get any pictures of them so i copied one from her page... it is there family picture. what a great looking family!!!!

September 28, 2009

Beautiful San Antonio... and of course my beautiful baby girl!!

   I love living in san antonio we have wonderful weather and the sunsets are amazing. a new one every night. I am so happy here and can't believe we are so lucky to get to live here! We really enjoy being close to my family and them being around ava while she is growing is so much fun! We are getting to spend a lot of time with them and i could not ask for anything better. Here are a few pictures of the sunset last night. also here are a few pictures of ava i think one of them is of her walking. I can't believe she can walk already. I don't know how to stop her. But it is amazing to watch her learn new things all the time... here are the pictures! 

September 24, 2009

8 Months old

 Ava is 8 months old! I can't believe how much she has grown. Just yesterday i was talking about how des was holding her and she looked so small in his arms! comparied to now she is so big! She is growing so much everyday it seems!

Ava you are getting so big:
*You are Crawling EVERYWHERE! you love to crawl all over the house and just about anywhere we were if i would let you. But target is not a good place to crawl around. so you just hang out in the cart and play with the things i put in it.
*You are pulling up on everything you can no matter how sturdy it is! you have pulled a chair over and almost got hurt. so now we have to barricade you in the living room with all your toys because even if i am playing with you, you are just too fast to get into something.
*You say Mama all the time. You look at me and say it. When you wake up in the morning you don't cry anymore you just say mama and i come get you! i LOVE it!!! You also say BaBa still and talk a lot. You can almost say Puppy. You make the "PU" sound a lot and most of the time you get to "PUP" you are so smart when the dog comes to you you start saying it.
*You are wearing 9-12 month clothing. and growing out of nine month very fast!

*You have tried lots of food and loves them all
  sweet potatoes
  green beans
* Your next foods you are going to be trying are corn and broccoli. after those we will bring in avacado and the other one is yet to be determined. 
 *You love to drink out of a sippy cup. You love having milk in the sippy cup because you can do it yourself.
*You eat 4 table spoons of cereal in the morning, two table spoons of cereal for lunch with two veggies. we mix them up every day. for dinner you eat three table spoons of cereal and two veggies. sometimes you don't finish them all. And for a nighttime snack you have 5 ounce bottle.
This month you are going to try a bunch of new foods! We have many more veggies to get through!
*You are a wonderful sleeper and always have been. Even in the hospital we were worried because you were sleeping six hours. We did not expect that. We are very blessed with great sleep and snuggles with you!  But this month you are starting to sleep about 10-12 hours at night. That is awesome! you are so happy when you wake up in the morning!
*You love to play with daddy in the morning. You go straight to him in the morning for play time! you look over to make sure i am still there but then return to playing with daddy! He loves it and looks forward to you waking up in the morning for his playtime with you! 
 * You just started trying to walk. You are up to about ten steps without falling. We are so proud of you! You are going to be walking before we know it!
*You love to get into everything. especially our cubby hole in our entertainment center, hide behind mommies curtains. and banging on the computer is probably your most favorite thing to do.

You are a wonderful baby and we could not be more blessed by you! You are so special to us! You are so beautiful and outgoing and playful! So sweet and loving! We love you so much!

September 20, 2009

Poor Cowboys... at least Ava looked cute!!!!

Tonight we went to my parents to watch the cowboy game and have steaks!! it was awesome! Jimmy and Erin came over! they are so much fun i love when the come over for dinner. They love ava and she loves them!!!!

Dez bought ava a pink cowboy jersey for today and the rest of the year so i thought it would be so cute to take pictures of her first cowboy home game!!! She hung out with des for some of the day before the game watching other football games that were on. Dez had to work tonight so we are watching the end of it right now even though i already know the sad outcome :( But like i said Ava looked cute!!! there are too many cute ones i can't decide which ones to post so i just posted them all!!! I love them! one of them with her back turned i am getting framed... the one with the black background. I have to get it framed it is so cute!!!

we are working on her cheering for the game!!!

My New project...

The other day I was out and i saw a little girl wearing a big flower bow and i thought it was so cute. Well if anyone knows me at all you know i am always up for a project. I have seen these around and seen them for sale but never bought one. Anyway... well i was looking on Ebay last night and found a big lot of headbands for a great price and decided to buy them. They came in all different colors! i should get them all soon. I also a few days ago went and bought flowers and clips. I want to be able to change out flowers and bands. So you can mix and match colors. I found a few of my hairbands that i never use and decided to try out making them. So i made two bands. and four flowers!!! They turned out really cute! i can't wait to get the other headbands in and make more! hopefully i will be able to start selling them. We will see on that one! Here are a few pictures of the ones i made...

This is all i have made so far. But i have tons more colors and i am getting all kinds of bands! i can't wait to make more!!!

Ava wore one tonight with her COWBOY Jersey! it was so cute and a hit at my parents house with all the guests!!! here are a few of those pictures....