January 22, 2010

Ava's Birthday Party!

Ava had her birthday party today! We had it over at my parents house! It was so much fun! one of my brothers came here from waco for her party! It was such a special day for our little girl!

We had a duck party... It turned out to be so cute!

Her duck cake was adorable!

Her Smash cake looked just like her big cake!!! HEB is the best!!!

Everytime Ava saw a duck she would say DUUUUUCKKK!!! so you know that happened a lot throughout the night!

We also made duck punch... well blue punch! it turned out to be very good! we were not sure when we were making it! But it was cute and yummy!!

Ava's boyfriend who is 7 days older than her came to her party! We love him and his family! they are so special to us! Ava kept trying to give him hugs and he was not having them! it was too cute!!! she just kept trying!!!

They are so cute together... they played most of the first part of the night!

Ava tried to help daddy fix the door...

she wanted to put on backyardagains!! her favorite show!

We opened all of her wonderful presents! Ava got so many wonderful things!!!

After we ate our burgers and had some time to chat we sang happy birthday to ava and gave her the smash cake to let her have a little fun!!! She was unsure at first but by the end she was having a blast!!!

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