February 5, 2010

1 Year Doctors visit

Ava had her one year doctor visit on the 25th of January! Wow I am behind on my blog! Bad mommy!!!


We actually switched doctors this last visit due to the main reason that i wanted to get her into a lady doctor for when she is older and since we plan on being here for a while i wanted her doctor to have been with her for as long as possible! I just feel like she will get to know us and everything about Ava and it will just be much easier and a more comfortable situation. She will know what i expect and want information wise and we won't have to go through a transition when she is older and needs to see a lady doctor. Also one other small reason that we changed is that the doctor that she was seeing seemed to be very rushed and after he left the room the last time we were there i realized that he did not even check her mouth. I know that is a small thing but she is getting a lot of teeth and i feel that it is important for him to look and tell me what i need to do!

Moving on to her one year appointment...

We met with doctor A and She is a wonderful doctor! She was very patient with us while ava explored the room and dug through my bag for a snack and did her normal talking over everyone! She was very nice!

She said that ava is looking very good and healthy!

Weight: 22 Lbs (she did not gain any weight in the last three months)
Hight: 30'' (she grew and inch in the last three months)
She is walking like she is 18 months old. Not a new walkers at all!
She got all of her shots and the flu shot She was not a happy camper lets just say! This is the first time that it took her longer than me picking her up to calm down after the shots! She is very much aware of what is going on and does not like it. (who would?)

She asked if she could find some of her body parts?
Yes she can; Ava can find her nose, ears, eyes, teeth, hair (not really a body part but you get it), her toes, and her belly button! She can also find mommy's nose, mommy's eyes, mommy's ears, and mommy's toes! She is so cute!!!

She is saying a few words... PRETTY is her main word, and DUCK, DOG, YEA, MORE!

Just a little update from her doctors appointment!

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