February 18, 2010

San Antonio Rodeo grounds and Ava's first petting zoo!

On Monday Des me and Ava all went to the San Antonio rodeo with some of our wonderful friends. Adam, Lindsey and Kael! We all had a blast! The kiddo's loved the animals and we all had fun catching up! We took the kids to see the petting zoo. They were too young to feed the animals but we fed them and they loved playing and petting the animals! Ava was laughing so much! We saw tons of animals... Pigs, lamas, goats, donkeys, baby goats, ducks, and baby deer!

We stopped on the way in a checked out some cows! I did not get many pictures because there were no cameras allowed! but i had to sneak one picture in!

We had a wonderful day with the Harvey's! Can't wait to see them again! Ava has such a fun time with Kael!

On the way home ava was having a blast in the car!


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